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Union Square - Dan and Gregory

Both Connecticut originals, we got these two together in Union Square for a meeting of the minds and enjoyed explaining the project to passersby. Greg (with years of back of house experience) sports a custom patchwork hoodie and Daniel (currently a server) shows us how to stand in your truth while dressed for work. (photos by Devin Nelson)


Server and Dishwasher/Prep Cook, Fuck Brunch


Server, Fuck Brunch


Patch, Fuck Brunch


We are live

Thank you to everyone who has helped make this project possible. This blog will serve as home to the ongoing photo project we have started with Devin Timothy Nelson capturing service industry professionals wearing our shirts and embodying our mantra. If you are based in/around New York, work in service, hate brunch and are interested in being photographed, please email us at For more photos, follow us on Instagram @86brunch.

Fuck Brunch and have a great day. 


Sous Chef and Server, Brooklyn


Busser, Midtown WestRead the article →